Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader Search allows you to search for books that are part of the Accelerated Reader program.

To begin a search:

Enter your Reading Level in the From: box. (It can be between 0.0 and 15.0.)

If you want only books on your Reading Level, select 0 in the To: drop-down box.
If you want additional books that are a level or two above your current Reading Level, select 1 or 2 in the To: drop-down box.

Each book in the Accelerated Reader program is worth a certain number of points. Point values can range from 0.0 to 130.0.
To find only books that are worth a certain number of points, enter a Point Value range.

If you want to find a book about a particular subject, or by a certain author, type it in the Subject: or Author: box.

When you're ready to search, click Find.

Unsure of the spelling?

Note: Limiters do not apply to the Accelerated Reader search.