Using the Bookbag

To use the Bookbag, your browser must be set up to accept cookies.

To add items to your Bookbag, click the Add to Bookbag button on any Title Information page.

To open the Bookbag, press the button on the toolbar. From the Bookbag dialog, you can edit and print the contents of your Bookbag.

The titles appear in the order in which you selected them. To reorder the list, choose from the Sort By list, and then click Update Bookbag.

To include the items' annotations (notes) in your Bookbag, check the Show Annotations box, and then click Update Bookbag.

To delete an item from your Bookbag, check the Remove box to the right of the title, and then click Update Bookbag.

To empty your Bookbag, click Remove All.

Before printing, saving, or mailing your Bookbag, you must click the Printer Friendly button. Then, use your browser's menu commands or toolbar buttons to print, save, or mail the printer-friendly version of your Bookbag.

Note: The Bookbag does not automatically empty. You must click the Remove All button to empty it. The Bookbag counter on the screen keeps track of the number of items in your Bookbag.