WebPath Express

If you want a list of books in the library and a list of web sites about a particular topic, perform a Keyword or Power search.

You'll receive a list of matches in your library and a Go To Web Sites button. This allows you to see what the library has and what web sites are available.

After clicking the Go To Web Sites button, you'll get a list of web sites that includes a title link to each web site, a summary of what the site has, the topics it covers, and its URL. Click the title to go to that particular web site.

If you'd like to search your library again, you can click Search My Collection.

To browse specifically for web pages (and not books in the library), click the Express button. Then, on the WebPath Express - Browse page, click the folder of the topic that interests you. Continue drilling down by clicking on additional folders. Once you reach the exact topic you want, click Find It for a list of web sites about that subject.

If you'd like to search your library for materials about the topic you chose, click the Search My Collection button at the top of the list of web sites.