Placing a hold or reserve

To place a hold or reserve, you must first log in.

How do I log in?

After logging in, the New Hold/Reserve form appears. (If it doesn't, go back to the Title Information page of the book you want, and click the Place Hold/Reserve button.)

WebCollection Plus automatically enters the title and author in the dialog.

Do I hold it?

Place a hold on a book that you want now. If it's available, the library can set it aside for you.

If it's been checked out to someone else, the library can hold it and notify you when it's returned to the library.

...or reserve it?

Place a reserve on a book that you want on a future date.

Example: Today is September 9th, and on November 15th you are going to give a presentation to your class. You want to show the illustrations in a certain book during your presentation. Place a reserve on that book for November 15th. The library will have for you then.

After you click Save, a message appears, either confirming the hold or reserve, or informing you of the reason it was not accepted.

If you click the My Info button, you can verify that it appears in the Holds/Reserves section on your My Info page.

What's My Info?

To print your information, click the Printer Friendly button, then click the Print button on the browser's toolbar, or choose File | Print from the menu.