Searching by Lexile

Lexile Measures refer to numeric ranges from 0 to 2400 of The Lexile Framework, an educational tool that links text and readers.

You can use the Lexile Search to find books by Lexile Measure, or by Lexile Measure and keywords.

To begin a search:

Enter your Lexile Measure.
If you want only books with this exact Measure, select 0 in the Search for titles drop-down box.
If you want books that may be a little above or below your measure, select 50 or 100 in the Search for titles drop-down box.

To include titles for beginning readers, select the Include Beginning Reader titles (BR) check box.

If you select the Include Non-Prose titles (NP) checkbox, your results list will include things like poems, plays, songs, and books with incorrect or no punctuation. These books don't have Lexile Measures.

Example: If you want to find a book for a Lexile measure of 100 about the alphabet and numbers, enter 100 in the Enter Lexile Measure box, alphabet in the first Search for: box and numbers in the second Search for: box.

When you're ready to search, click Find It!

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Note: Limiters do not apply to the Lexile search.