Using your search results

Every type of search brings you to a list of matches. To view title information, click on the title or the Material type button for the item you want.

Each type of material has its own button:

Button   Material type
  Archive (Archival manuscripts)
  Books (Monographs)
  Computer (Files, programs, CD-ROM, etc.)
  Video (Videotapes, filmstrips, slides, transparencies, etc.)
  Graphics (Pictures, study prints, photographs, charts, etc.)
  Kit (Book and nonmusical cassette, laboratory kits, etc.)
  Language (Manuscript language material)
  Map (Maps, globes, and atlases)
  Mixed (Mixed materials)
  Music (Printed)
  Object (Three-dimensional objects, equipment, artifacts)
  Recording (Nonmusical sound recordings, speeches, stories)
  Serial (Newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  Sound (Musical sound recordings)
  eBooks (electronic books)
  Follett eBooks

If there is more than one match for a subject, title, author, call number, category, or series, a hyperlinked number appears in place of a Material type button. Clicking the number opens a list for that heading.

If the library you're searching uses See and See also, a Cross-reference button may appear.