Searching with power

When a keyword search produces too many titles, you can use a Power search to narrow your search.

In the Search for: boxes, type the words or phrases that are important to your search. To specify that a word should be in a certain part of a title's record, select one of the options in the drop-down box.

Example: If you want to find a book by Paterson with "bridge" in the title, search for Paterson found in Authors and bridge found in Titles.

You can use the Boolean operators (and, or, but not) to help define the relationship between the words or phrases in your search.

When you're ready to search, click Find It!

Unsure of the spelling?

If you're having trouble finding an item with a Power search, try redefining your search to be either more or less specific.

Getting too many results? Use Limiters to narrow your search to a specific reading level or interest level.