State Standards

To search or browse for state standards, click the Standards icon. Then choose either Search or Browse. Once you find the standard you're addressing, you can access a list of web sites with content appropriate for your students.

To search the library collection for library materials relevant to the state standard you selected, click Search My Collection at the top of the Web Page Results list. The returned list includes up to 100 of the most relevant records in the library collection. The inclusion criteria is based on keywords from the state standard topic and call number information.

Each item has a relevance score. The first number (to the left of the decimal point) is based on the number of unique keywords from the standard that were found in the bibliographic record of the library material. The second number (to the right of the decimal point) is the total number of times the keywords occurred in the record.

The list is sorted according to the relevance score, with the highest scoring records at the top.

Note: Limiters do not apply to State Standards searches.